Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas

Image result for the ones who walk away from omelasOmelas is a city were everything is happiness and joyful for everyone expect the child that is in the cage in the basement. This child has a meaning when he's in the basement. It means that this child is being dehumanized by all the people in Omelas. There is also people in the real world that are being dehumanized like the people that are being use as human trafficking. Many of these people that are in this organzation don't have a voice or can't speak because of how scared they are. Like the child in Omelas he couldn't speak because the child had no voice. This child won't speak because he was scared of higher authority which is all the people in Omelas. Omelas is the like our everyday life because everyone just sees the good things but does not the bad things. They just see happiness when their people out there facing things to get happiness. There many people out there that is struggling on a everyday life just to get food on the table. Thats why there many people that get in the human trafficking so they can get sell to other people to get a little bit of money or sometimes no money. This story tells how we are in our society we just past by the people that need help and we dont help them like the boy in the cage in the basement.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Social Justice

Image result for social justiceSocial Justice is something I value because it is the rights I have as a human. But there people in the world that don't have the same rights as I do because oh where I live. Social justice also shows the community how it works because there community's were their are drug, achool, and violence. Social justice controls all of that because it shows how we work on our everyday life. We have to have social justice to have some better communitys so childern can see they can do want ever they want but not bad things. The community is what forms the childern to be in life so that why they need social justice.Social justice is something that we need to be worrying about because you never know when your going to need it in life.Social justice is something we have to value on out everyday life because not many people have the same opportunity as we do as Americans. Many people out there in the world don't social justice because they don't have human rights. Thats why we have to apperate what we have as people in the US with social justice. But there also people that don't have social justice in the US to because there also many things that  happen. Like black lifes matter because of all the social justice that they didn't have when the cops shot the black people. But thats we have rights and social justice to fight back.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Happiness Ted Talk

Image result for how to buy happiness michael nortonIn this TED talk "how to buy happiness" by Michael Norton, he explains that rather then believing that money cant buy happiness, he believes that it can. He claims that money can buy happiness if you spend it on the right things. For example he claims people who spend money on themselves aren't as happy because its self pleasure but buying something for someone else is very beneficial and not only helps them but helps you become more happy.He did an experiment with people in college to two groups of people, one got money to spend on themselves and the other to spend on someone else.The group that spent money on themselves didn't gain happiness but instead were nutrel but the people that spent it on others were significantly happier and successful.  Seeing others happy knowing you caused that happiness will make you feel good as well because you did something that benefited someone else. This is a surprising truth because most people believe that money cant buy happiness but if you spend it the right way you will gain happiness. This is a great way of viewing it because its true. For example when i go to the store with a friend or family member and i buy them something it makes me feel good that I got them something they might have needed or wanted. this brings happiness not only to them but me as well.Overall money can buy happiness if the things you buy are not for you but for others, and this will bring you happiness and joy.

Ted Talk

Dan Gilbert: The Surprising Science Of Happiness

Image result for dan gilbert ted talkDan Gibert explains that human brain's, over the years we are getting new structes. Our brain's are basically getting bigger and better. With out new structes were able to get new logic and how we work.Also Gilbert talk about prefrontal lobe and how it allows us to experinces things before you even do it in real life. But the main topic was about how we have synthetic happiness in our everyday life. Synthetic happiness is fake happiness like something we make to happen instead of making come to you. Many poeple force happiness to happen because it takes time to come to you. So thats why people force it to happen because they can't wait.

Thursday, November 10, 2016


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Everyone in the world gets judge everyday because of what stereotypes that they have. Everyone has a different stereotypes because everyone is different in there own ways. Many don't look pass that because people are different from what they look in the outside. Many people think what they(the people) look like in the outside that how they are. Many people look not so well but they have the best heart. Many people don't see that in this world. We just need to past by the outside and see they are in the inside. We just all have to respect each other then everything well be well in life. But there so that don't look like the stereotype but you can just judge them like that. You need to go be on that because many  may have the stereotype but they are someone else. People are all different and everyone wants to judge each other but they can't because there all humans and humans make mistakes. I don't mean that everyone personalize is a mistake I just trying to say that everyone is different and can lead to mistakes. Many people need to judge themselves before they judge someone else because some people don't even know who they are.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Favorite Place

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My favorite place is my baseball field and my car. The one that I love the most is my car because my car is everything that i have. These two are the favorite places I like to be because these two things are the ones I love the most beside the family. I love to drive my car in Tijuana because I like to off-road. I like to go to the desert in Ensenada. Mostly we go with all the family because like to have big party's next to the beach and do a lot of fun things.I love going there because the food is amazing. Especially the seafood because I love seafood and that's why it my favorite place. I love also going to the baseball park and play. It's the only sport that I really like compare to the others. I feel that the others don't do the same as baseball. When I was little all I wanted to be was a baseball player. But then I seen all the trainer that each player has to go through to be a pro. But I still played because it's just a sport that I really like. I still want to play for the rest of my life because it's a thing I really like to do when I'm a adult.